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[MODPOST] The Rules

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1 [MODPOST] The Rules on Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:03 pm


The Rules

New to the website? Please read this (INSERT LINK)!

Welcome to the Rules! If you plan to play with us on RPolitics, you must take the time to read through this so you can get the grasp of how everything works, and make lives easier for everyone.

Throughout this document, RPolitics may be referred to as RPo to shorten things.


Time in RPo does not progress at the same rate as the real world. One day IRL is 2 months in RPo. Monday is never counted, it is a day off where countries can only post [META], [NEWS], [REQUEST], [POLL], [WIKI], and [ROLEPLAY] posts, there will also be a stickied [DISCUSSION] post.. In your post, always use RPo time - not IRL time - i.e: 4 months instead of 2 IRL days.

Unless stated otherwise - UTC is the conventional timezone and time format throughout RPo - everyday, the two months advance (read before) at midnight UTC. Newsday begins at 00:00:01 UTC on Monday.


You can claim any country you want, as long as it is not:

  • Already claimed by an active player.

  • Part of a regionalized state.

Regionalizations are when more than one nation is treated as one claim, so be sure to check the list [claimed countries] before you submit your claim. The USA is divided into 13 claimable states, please see the aforementioned wiki for more info on that. Countries are permitted to employ cabinet members, governors, or military figures – if you would just like to dip your toe in the water, perhaps you could ask if anyone is looking for a helping hand.

When you claim a country, your account must have at least 1 post.

Steps to joining:

* Check the [claimed countries] to see if there is a vacant and claimable nation that interests you. Alternatively, ask around to see if anyone wants a helper or a second in command.

* Now refer to the sidebar submit buttons and claim your country! Remember to use the [CLAIM] tag, and be interesting with your claim post, after all, this is a roleplaying sub! You must refer to what the previous player of your country has done, and his or her government must be kept until you can realistically roleplay it being changed.

* Once your claim post has been submitted, it will automatically removed by the automatic moderator. Please wait whilst one of our humanoid moderators can make sure that your claim is in compliance with the rules. Allow the moderators up to 24 hours to approve your claim before messaging the mod team.

* Once approved by a mod, you may create a wiki page. It is your responsibility to keep the wiki page updated with recent info, and information that you think will be of importance to people trying to find out more about your nation. You will be added as a claimant to the claimed countries listed, and your country will be marked as no longer vacant.

Claim switching is allowed, but there are strict rules to abide by. The rules are as follows: first claim switch can be executed immediately, you just need to made a declaim post and then a new [CLAIM] post. Second switch can be made, but only after 7 days after your declaim. The third switch can be made after 14 days after your declaim, and the fourth after 21 days. To calculate how many days you need to wait, the formula is (n-1)*7, where n is the number of the switch you want to do.


    Annexed nations can always be claimed, but upon claiming you remain under the country that annexed you at the time of claiming. That is correct, if you claim as an annex you are a part of the nation that annexed you (as a governor, with control over the land you have claimed). However, you are free to make posts, etc. - even outright declare independence as your first post - and thus gameplay will carry on as normal. You will retain full control of what you claim, even on independence - so annexers may be wary about investing so heavily into annexations.


Tags, or flairs, help distinguish posts into what category they are meant to represent, and how they affect gameplay.   


An “EVENT” is effectively, an action taken by your nation. The unique and important part of the EVENT is that whether it is successful or not is guaranteed - you roll a die, and you will give a response depending on this. Because of this, EVENTS are asked to be more taking actions rather than results of them - “Bundestag to vote on introducing new laws”, “Parliament to implement economic plan”, rather than “Bundestag votes on new laws”, “Parliament Economic Plan huge success”. You may control how your government votes, for example: “Parliament passes new legislation with a 60% majority”, but you cannot fully control how the public will react - there may be protests against the law, for instance.

If your post is reported, or a mod thinks that it violates the rules or is unrealistic, they may take action. This might be as simple as asking for more information or may be as harsh as removing or invalidating the entire post. If the post is not removed, and the mod only asks for information or asks the poster to justify something about the post, the poster has 48 hours to reply. If 48 hours pass and they have not addressed the mod's concerns, the post will be removed.(This also applies to player responses to rolls, if a mod does not agree that their response makes sense.)


“EXPANSION” posts are your nation expanding itself territorially to incorporate another region or nation. You may only expand if the country you wish to expand to has no claimant, and is not part of another state. Annexations must be approved by moderators on a logical basis, that is, if the country you wish to expand to has historical ties to yours, or is close to it, or is substantially smaller economically. “Austria sends diplomats to China to discuss integration” would not be allowed, but “Austria sends diplomats to Hungary to discuss reunification” would be. However, we cannot stop military invasions, and if you wish to seize territory through the occupation system, you would be allowed to.


NEWS effectively takes up what shouldn’t be an event - elections, statistics, economy reports, etc. - [here](http://redd.it/30pjg2) and [here](http://redd.it/30ld1b) are examples of proper NEWS posts. To keep the reasoning simple, a NEWS post should have no effect on your nation unless it is an election.[CONFLICT]Conflict is for the invasion (or defence!), movement and otherwise things regarding troops and their actions.


Diplomacy is for diplomatic deals between nations - trades, sales, and alliances. Note that in the case of selling military equipment an event post describing the manufacturer of said equipment should also be made - [DIPLOMACY] Russia to sell tanks to Germany, [EVENT] Russia to make 200 tanks (for sale to Germany).


Meta posts are for off-topic, non in game or otherwise meta terms.


Roleplay is for posts about roleplays. They specifically have no in game effect - if you want them to, post under a different tag.


The secret tag is for secret research products, agreements, etc. The bot will have two rolls on secret posts. The first roll is for determining the effectiveness of the secrecy, so, how well you have managed to keep the operation secret. The second roll determines the effectiveness of the operation itself.


If you desire to found a new alliance, you are required to write a charter that states its intention and how countries can join the alliance, if it is open.  When you post the [DIPLOMACY], state the alliance name in the title and write the charter in the body. In rare circumstances, where an alliance is seen to be to the detriment of the subreddit it will be declared INVALID by the moderation team. All member nations must sign in the comments, however this does not represent a binding agreement, and you may break the terms of the alliance whenever you wish - expect consequences from your former allies, however. Feel free to use the chat to negotiate terms, but make sure that these are formalized on the forums in a post. We suggest creating a separate forum for your alliance to discuss and negotiate on. You can do this by making a [REQUEST] on the request section.

On claim, due to the fact governments carry over, your membership in an alliance also carries over. Lastly, since governments carry over, your membership in IRL alliances also carry over - EU, NATO, UN.


Are you sure that you want to go to war? It should be the last option after all diplomatic efforts have failed. We will, and with definite measures, invalidate wars that we feel have not been the “last option” so to speak - no wars over small government changes or budget changes.First of all, a preface to all this. YOU MUST ensure your Wiki is up to date, shows the locations of troops and the composition of the armies before getting involved in any conflicts, offensive or defensive. This means detailed lists of your troops, army/navy/airforce vehicles, where they are based, and all that sort of thing. [Here] is an example.

A few formalities: links must be provided to all newly (and old!) technologies. It is handy to have a list of your purchases and productions in case anyone disputes your army/military. You can’t have anything that has not had a post made about it. We can, and most likely will, invalidate a military that is too large. If your military is not prepared at the time of war, we will give you a basic force to resist with. Generally, your military should go no more than 0.3%-0.5% of your population.


If you decide to start or get involved in a conflict, you are committed. If you, for any reason, declaim your country while involved in a conflict on either side, you will be banned for a month on top of however many weeks you need to wait to reclaim. This is non-negotiable.


A nation automatically surrenders unconditionally if they have been fully occupied and are unable to fight any more. A nation automatically surrenders unconditionally if it's capital has been occupied for at least 3 years and occupies no extra-national territories. Unconditional Surrender effectively means the winner can draft up any treaty they so wish - The Treaty of Versailles is an example, and the loser of the war has to sign - with two exceptions.

  • If a nation decides to entirely absorb/annex/otherwise a nation, the loser *must* be taken on as the governor of the region.
  • The loser may take the Unconditional Surrender to the mods if they feel it is inappropriate.

There are no further penalties if the two sides come to an agreement diplomatically. Do not enter into a war lightly!

Repercussions Of War

When a battle is over, losses will be posted, and they will be calculated to an exact, firm number. War is an expensive business, you must reflect this in your budget/end of year review. The new economic system entails penalties for fighting wars and losing wars. In addition, we have introduced the maintenance system.

Maintaining a large military costs money, money that is very clearly defined. Here is the table:[insert link soon]

You are required to have this on your wiki. Without it, all conflicts will be invalidated.

Battle System

The new Battle System cannot be fully divulged, as the increasing reliance on "hard numbers" so to speak would allow for the battles to be meta gamed and such. This is entirely possible in the system - however, only after long conflict and testing.

To start off with, you must consider military score. Military score is split into 3 different parts - Unit, Number and Quality Modifier. The Unit is the type of unit - found later in the rules, the Number is obviously how many being sent, and the Quality Modifier is the "Quality" of the troop. In this case, Quality is defined as experience and technological superiority.  Something to note is that Naval and Land forces cannot take part in the same battle, though Air can take part in any. The Unit Score is how effective units are - rolling a random value decides, based on terrain and whether it is defending or not, and then assigns it. For example, a defending infantry in the desert may roll a 2 (and assuming the quality score is 1), for every infantry will gain 0.0002 military score. This changes per unit, allowing for customized and specialized armies.

Then there are the specific modifiers. At the heart of these is the terrain modifier. The Terrain Map follows the Terrain Modifiers - they are logically based, for example defending in a mountains will be much better than attacking in the Rainforest. The terrain modifier is applied to the overall score.

The Weather modifier is randomly made based on the terrain and time of year. Snowing may cause significant causalities and make fighting hard, while the light sun has little effect. Weather is based on Terrain and Season.

The Chemical/Biological modifier is obviously for chemical and biological weapons. We may expand this to EMPs or other strange forms of weaponry in the future.

The Distance Modifier is the distance from the Origination of the Troops (so for the British fleet in Portsmouth, would be from Portsmouth, for the British fleet in the Falklands, would be from the Falklands). Then we divide the distance (km) by 200.

The Morale Modifier is based of your planning, the circumstances surrounding the conflict (i.e famine, unrest, unjust Casus belli) and your RNG roll on the conflict post.

Losses are incredibly complex and are too long explain. They are also relatively inaccurate sometimes.  

Provincial System

The worlds international conflict no longer take place on a blurry mix of lines - now, Grand Strategy matters. Troops move to, and from, provinces, occupying them and taking them, to create a various range of realistic and interesting conflicts. The map will be updated every week to the tune of the occupations of provinces and the changes of their hands.You need to state the locations of your military on the provinces, otherwise your conflict will be invalidated/lost. [Here’s a collection] of examples.If you want to move, create or otherwise change your military, posts must be made about it, and reflected on your wiki.

In order to help simulate real conflict, naval units have a “zone of control”. Moving into a square around them prompts a battle - if you win, you continue, if you lose, you stop. This allows for reasonable naval blockades.

Creating A Conflict

First, steps must be taken through the CONFLICT tag to declare war (or you could invade without declaring war, that’s also a possibility). However, when it comes to the post itself, we have some pretty strict guidelines

* Image of locations of your troops

* Troop Group Name

* Troop Group Details

This is pretty much all that needs to be done. However, an important thing to note is that your troops *must* be put in the format of the maintenance, with things such as Infantry and Main Battle Tanks. If it isn’t put properly, you will simply be treated as if you are sending no troops. Once both sides have submitted troops, a battle post will come every 4 months/2 days. If you do not submit troops in time for this deadline, you will be treated as if you are sending no troops.

Control And Administration

In a war, it is highly likely that you will end up occupying a particular province or part of a nation. There are two types of control: Occupation and Control.

In occupation, a nation simply has its troops (or had) in the land, and is effectively in control of the land. With this, you have limited control of it - you can extract a relative amount of its economy and population, but treating it as a full part of your nation will be invalidated.

Control is how you will start off with your provinces - under your control. You have full access and ownership of this land. In order to have proper control, the nation that you have took the land from must recognise it. For example, Crimea (as of the post writing) is in Russian Occupation as Ukraine has not recognised it. However, if Ukraine recognises it, Crimea will be under Russian Control.

Puppet States

Come the end of the war, and you want to cripple a nation but not take land from it. This is where the *Puppet States* come in. Effectively, you can force a nation to release another one, with a government specifically created by yours. An example is that the USSR invades Romania, and forces Moldova to released as a Communist state. Any treaties between the Puppet State and the Winner will always be approved.

While in this system, the mods (and not Romania OR the USSR) will control Moldova. However, Moldova is entirely claimable - but they must continue the government, in its Communist form. In addition, the USSR is free to station troops, take money/etc. and otherwise.


To make more real the cost of having a massive military, we've implemented a maintenance cost. This is determined by a percentage of a piece of equipment's cost, but can change.

* Link

* Credit to /u/Luthtar for creating the calculator. It has since been revised after moderator discussions.

* On the right in the purple box are the different levels of maintenance:

* The highest, Active, costs 8% of a unit's build cost.

* The middle level, Inadequate, is intended to simulate countries that field a large army but pay little to maintain it, such as most African nations. So using this you pay less, but your units will take a severe penalty in combat. (*The exact penalty is still being determined.*)

* The lowest, Mothballed, costs 4%. However, you can't deploy mothballed units into combat.

How to Use the Calculator

1. Copy the template (above the rows labeled EXAMPLE) into a new document.

2. Duplicate the rows for however many pieces of equipment you need.

3. In the YELLOW column, put the NAME of the unit with the type in parentheses. For example: "F-22 Raptor (fighter)"

4. *IF USING EQUIPMENT* - In the BLUE column, put the BUILD COST of the unit without a currency sign. For example: "275,000,000"

5. *IF USING TROOPS* - In the BLUE column, put your nation's GDP per capita rounded to the nearest unit. Example: "41,314"

6. In the PURPLE column, put the MAINTENANCE VALUE. Do not put the maintenance type - put the value associated with it. For example: "0.08"

7. In the RED column, put the number of units. For example: "1,025"

8. The GREEN column is your total maintenance cost.


Every ruler is allowed a maximum of ONE annexation, to be governed as if it were their own land. You may annex any whole, small country, or portions of a larger one. Annexations take place through the logical approval system - simply put, your annexation must make sense for it to work. A successful example is [here] and unsuccessful one is [here]. You must submit the first and have it approved, then the finalization post 24 hours later. Outright invading the annex will not be invalidated, no matter how illogical it is.If you are attempting to annex a nation, and someone else is attempting to annex it also, neither of you can complete your annexation until one agrees to pull out. Enforce this militarily, diplomatically, use it to strategically block annexations, etc. One big difference however, is that they cannot do this if you outright invade the annex.

Purchasing land

Territory can be traded between countries, but are subject to the following rules:

  • If the territory is part of a claim

  • The territory will not be counted as an annexation, but will be nullified once the seller becomes inactive

  • If the territory is part of an annexation

  • The territory will be counted as the buyer's annexation, unless      

  • The buyer already has an annexation      

  • Both parties have agreed mutually to continue considering it as the seller's annexation      then the territory will be considered an annexation of the seller, but controlled by the buyer.


It's possible that a global event could occur that affects several or all countries. You'll recognize these by the [CRISIS] tag, or, in some rare cases, the mods will introduce an exclusive tag for crises with drawn out storylines. Mod crises could be anything from an economic recession, a natural disaster or a terrorist threat. If your country is affected, you are strongly encouraged to react to the crisis in the comments. You can say what your country is doing for recovery, if it will provide aid, how it affected you, et cetera.


The world is no longer a safe place. Taking actions to the detriment of your country - as determined by mods - will result in rebellions and action against your government. To cause a rebellion, simply various actions that are negative, and they will uprise. Not all rebellions are violent however - some may just be protests, and if handled properly, then may quell down. However, if not… Then you may face armed uprising.

Typically a specifically designated player, or a mod, will take the reigns of the rebellion. You as a player may not - BUT - if you message modmail (or the designated player), then they will be willing to adapt around your roleplay. In addition, you can create a rebellion in your nation, but aren’t always allowed to control it - again, on a mod case by case basis. Each rebellion is claimable, but if you feel that someone has claimed a rebellion in your country and you do not want them to, modmail us and we will review the case.


In the case of a rebellion succeeding, and controlling a piece of land for at least 2 years, then they may declare themselves a secessionist state - a territory devoted to that particular cause. These will be controlled by mods, but are claimable at any time. In order to become a true, proper claim - that cannot be destroyed - they must receive recognition of independence from their host nation. Otherwise, if the host nation invades and wins, they are lost as a claim - let this be a warning if you claim one.Apart from this, they are fully functioning nations and can be played as such. There are many at the 2015 start date - Taiwan, Western Sahara, Somaliland, Kosovo, etc.

If a secessionist state (or a rebellion state) wins the war, then there are a set of rules defining it:If the secessionist state wins a war, and merely demands that the original nation recognises them, then they become a proper claim, and control the land fully.

If the secessionist state/rebellion states wins a war, and demands to fully annex the nation they defeated, then the are two cases:Secessionist State: Is created as a proper claim (same as recognisation), but takes on the original nation as a governor of the remaining region.

Rebellion: Is created as a proper claim, but the actual territory of the claim is decided by a moderator, and the original nation is taken on as a governor.

In the case of the secessionist state winning, and taking on the governor, and then the governor declaims, the secessionist state (now a legitimate state), will be offered the chance to be regionalised with the larger nation. If they choose not to, then they are free to play as a normal nation and carry on. Note in this case, when we say secessionist state, we mean all secessionist states - that is, state that intend to be independent from the others. Those that want to change governments/otherwise are not included (ie. Kosovo, Abkhazia)

In the case of the rebellion winning, and taking on the governor, and then the governor declaims, the rebellion takes on the nation fully (choice or not), and is given the claim. Note that in this case, when we say rebellion, we mean all non-national rebellions that do not seek independence (ie. ISIS, Seleka)


Budgeting is a very important part of running a country and you should always have a high level budget available.

  • You should link each years budget on your Wiki.

  • Please be realistic with your growth – 10% per year is ridiculously high and unsustainable, most countries would be 1-3% if they are growing at all.  

  • s has no inflation so GDP Growth should be minimal.  Poor nations can have higher growth if they become a developing nation.

  • Your governments' budget should be a % of your GDP – you don’t get to spend your entire GDP every year!

  • When unclaimed a nation’s growth rate is kept at the minimum of the range for it's Per Capita, with no more or less.

  • Start with 2014 Nominal GDP when calculating. Not PPP.  There is no inflation in RPo.

GDP Growth Rates by GDP Per Capita:

The GDP growth rate of your country will be based on several factors. Your current year in game GDP Per Capita for your country will allow you to be in the following ranges of growth rate.  These ranges will be updated by the mods every 10 years. Next update should be 2030.

  • < $5,000 - Range between 4%-10%

  • < $10,000 - Range between 3%-8%

  • $10,001 - $20,000 - Range between 2%-5%

  • $20,001 - $50,000 - Range between 1.5%-4%

  • $50,001 - $70,000 - Range between 1% - 3%

  • >$70,000 - Range between .5% - 2%

GDP Growth Rate Boosts

Below are some examples of things that will enable you to reach the max of your range.  Each Boost can only be used once per year unless otherwise stated.  You cannot go over your max % for your Per Capita.

  • Plan in place to target unemployment in the past 4 years +.5%

  • Protect property rights +.2%

  • Inventive new way to increase productivity in past 4 years +.5%

  • National income equality programs +.5%

  • New factories, industry in the past 4 years +.2%

  • Increased literacy rate by more than a quarter in past years +.2%

  • Economic stimulus or growth plan within the past four years. +.2%

  • Signed any amount of trade agreements within the past four years. +.2%

  • Have at least 10 trade agreements currently on the books. +.5%

  • In an economic alliance with multiple nations. +.5%

  • Invented a new product to sell in the past four years and have at least one nation agree to purchase. +.2%

  • Capitalism Free Market. +.2%

  • New infrastructure projects within the past four years.  **You only use this once the project is complete.** +.5%

  • No armed conflict in past 10 years.  +.5%

  • Use of Natural Resources of your nation in high demand to boost trade.  +.5%

  • Other inventive methods to increase economic prosperity in your nation within the past two years. +.5%

GDP Growth Rate Negatives

Your current year in game GDP growth rate for your country will be affected if any of the following things occur to your country in the past four years. You **CAN** drop below the bottom range if you have several negative affects against your country.

  • In a war 0% / -.5% after 18 months / -1% after 24 months / -1.5% after 30 months / -2% after 36 months / And so forth  

  • Sending arms and other aid to allies during times of war -.2%  

  • Limited air support -.5%  

  • Strategic bombing and limited deployment still counts as heavy as full war.

  • Lost a war in the last four years -4%* Currently at war or within the current year -2%

  • Are currently sanctioning or being sanctioned by one or more countries: -.1% to -3% (Relative to the number and trade relations of country being sanctioned)

  • Involved in a negative economic crisis in the past two years. -2%

  • Communism, closed markets, or majority government owned businesses. -.2%

  • Rebellion in your country in the past two years. -2%

  • Have a hermit style economy.  Not affected by Global or Regional Economy posts.  -2%

Other Economic Mechanics Notes

  • Nations unclaimed will always have the bottom level growth rate unless annexed.

  • An annex will have the same growth rate as the claimed nation that has annexed it.

  • Growth rates may only be increased if you post why in your yearly budget.

  • You may only change your GDP if you make a yearly budget and post it with these rules followed.

  • Mods may have you change your GDP growth rate based on these rules.

Global Economy

Today a nations economy depends on that of others around the globe. For that reason we will be implementing a global economy index that will affect a nation and will be changed every Sunday for the following year. The mods will decide the global economic climate, with 5 being great economic growth and 1 being severe worldwide economic depression. These boosts and negatives will be added to your base starting point. Players have to adjust their GDP growth rate based on this.  This can be decided by a mod or by a RNG.  

Rolls and Affects

  • 5 +2% gdp

  • 4 +1% gdp

  • 3 no boost

  • 2 -1% gdp

  • 1 -2% gdp

Regional Economy

The economy of your neighbors and your region can sometimes greatly affect the economy of your nation.  We will be including a regional economy index as well and posted every Sunday for the following year.  The mods will decide the regional economic climate, with 5 being great economic growth and 1 being severe regional economic depression. These boosts and negatives will be added to your base starting point. Players have to adjust their GDP growth rate based on this.  This can be decided by a mod or by a RNG.


  • North America and Chile

  • Latin America & the Carribean

  • Western Europe

  • Middle East & Northern Africa

  • Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Central Asia and Eastern Europe

  • South Asia

  • East Asia and Pacific[Map](https://i.imgur.com/NjirOdH.png)

Rolls and Affects

  • 5 +2% gdp

  • 4 +1% gdp

  • 3 no boost

  • 2 -1% gdp

  • 1 -2% gdp



GDP Per Capita: 40,000 Range of 1%-3%

* Started an economic stimulus plan last year.  +.2%

* Signed one trade agreement in past four years. +.2%

* Invented something and sold it to at least one other nation. +.2%

* Lost a war 2 years ago. -4%

* Currently at war. -2%

* Sanctioned by China. -2% (relative)

* Global Economy rolled a 5, +2%

* Regional Economy rolled a 4, +1%

The Japan player thinks that thanks to his stimulus plan and healthy trade relations he can achieve a GDP growth rate of 7 percent, however he realizes he is at war and has lost a war a year ago. He also know's hes being sanctioned by a country with a large economy.

Tally: Starts with bottom level at 1%,

1+.2+.2+.2-4-2-2+2+1= -3.4% growth

Current GDP Growth: -3.4%

Budget Calculator

We have made a Budget Calculator to assist you in making your budget each year.  Budget Calculator

As with all mechanics we, the mods, are here to help you out. If you can't figure out your GDP or need other help just PM us or get on the chat.


To make sure countries don't become dormant, we will be enforcing active participation. **If you do not make a post for 7 days, you will be considered inactive**. So, to reiterate, if you want to be considered active - ensure that you don't go seven days straight without making a post. Please remember that these types of posts/comments do not contribute to activity:

  • INVALID posts.

  • Removed posts.

  • META posts.

  • Comments.


If you need a hiatus from WP due to personal IRL reasons - but you wish to still keep your claim - you are allowed three weeks of leave. Towards the end of your hiatus, you must notify the mods about your situation. The message should state whether you will be able to return to activity, or if you will be duly declaiming. If you cannot return to activity after the three weeks, you will have to declaim. If you fail to update the mods following the three weeks, we will have to assume you cannot return to activity.We reserve the right to make a case-by-case decision on certain larger claims, that may not be in accordance with the regular hiatus rule.


The subreddit adheres to the terms of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, with some amendments that are listed below.

Text of the Treaty

Article IV "any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction" has been amended to be "any objects carrying any forms of weaponry and/or armament." All references will be treated as such.

Article V "the other States Parties to the Treaty or the Secretary-General of the United Nations" has been amended to be "the global community." All references will be treated as such.

Article XI "the Secretary-General of the United Nations" has been amended to "the global community," in both cases of occurrence in this article. All references will be treated as such.

Article XIV Removed.

Article XV Removed.

Article XVI Removed.

Article XVII Removed.

Article XVIII Added. Text: "Artificially-fabricated objects, including but not limited to: space stations, satellites, and parasitic constructions, do not constitute territory of the nation that has constructed them, but are instead only property of the nation."



Any violation of the rules or any violation of a mod ruling, decision or instruction will be penalized accordingly (unless otherwise stated under section-specific rules):

  • A warning will be issued and the comment/post will be deleted.

  • A 24-hour ban will be issued

  • A week-long ban will be issued

  • A month-long ban will be issued

  • A permanent ban will be issued.

All punishments and bans are issued at moderator discretion and dealt with accordingly, we strongly encourage reporting any comments or posts in violation of the comment and posts rules outlined below.


  • No racist or sexist speech

  • No abusive speech based on sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation.

  • Don't be homophobic - this includes using “gay”, “queer” pejoratively.

  • Please label NSFW/NSFL images/videos.

  • Don't maliciously use URL shorteners.

  • Don't spur personal attacks.

  • Don't feed trolls.

  • Don't be unnecessarily rude, provocative or vitriolic.

  • Don't post OR ask for personal information.

  • Don't encourage illegal activities.

  • Don't advocate witch hunting.

  • Don't post pornographic material.

  • No religious proselytizing.

  • No spam or advertising other subreddits.

  • Using alts are a cardinal sin and will result in a non-negotiable permanent ban.

Committing acts detrimental to the website, or where your behavior reflects poorly on WP will result in disciplinary procedures.

What the mods say is final, and we reserve the right to remove content - but you may still appeal. Remember that just because a rule isn’t listed in the rules does not mean that we cannot enforce it. This means that if we see you doing something wrong, we will punish you, even if it is not explicitly in the rules (I like to call this one the "don't be a prick" rule).  If we see this behavior, we will enforce the disciplinary procedures outlined above. Many slurs will get your comments automatically reported to the moderators. These are not rules against swearing, and they're not rules against using out-of-context offensive language affectionately or sarcastically.


We have decided to implement a system that will allow the community to appeal decisions made by the mods regarding posts and other things. The process can be found [here]

Most rulings listed here are Single Mod Rulings- rulings made by one mod on a particular issue, either after being called to arbitrate, or acting on his or her own intuitive. Single Mod Ruling regulate in game Realism, including but not limited to economics, demographics, technology R&D, military sizes and power, weather, and the speed of possible genocide (this came up a surprising number of times in Season One).


RPolitics allows for an easy to use flair system. In a user's profile settings, a member of the forum can 'generate' their own country/character sheet. All a user needs to do is simply enter their country and their title into the respective fields, and then this information will be automatically displayed next to your profile every time you post, message, or comment.

For example, if a user claimed Tanzania in 2015, they would enter: Republic of Tanzania (as their country name). And they would enter: President Jakaya (as their title name). If your character does not have a country, you can simply leave the field blank.

Users are also recommended to upload their respective country's flag as their profile picture. Again, if one were to claim Tanzania, the player would simply put a flag of Tanzania as their profile picture. Then, just as the country name and title appears, so would the country flag. This would eliminate any question of who is who, and avoid a great deal of confusion so it is HIGHLY recommended that users go through this process. This flair system may become mandatory in the future.

[See here for enlarged versions of the US state flags]


Ranks on this website for the most part serve no purpose. Most ranks do not have any value other than bragging rights. Ranks are determined by a user's post count. You can increase your rank by making more posts.

There are also special ranks which must be specifically assigned to users. For example, moderator is a special rank and must be specifically assigned to a user. The moderator rank is the only rank which actually has a value/function. All other ranks are just fun extra little flairs.

You can [REQUEST] a special rank, such as "duck enthusiast" or perhaps "coolest guy ever". There is no guarantee that a moderator will fulfill your request, and it will likely take a while as mods generally have no free time.


Usergroups are exactly that - groups of users. There can be an unlimited amount of usergroups. Usergroups have many features. They can make and moderate (to a degree) their own forums, and make them private if they wish. They can send bulk messages to every other member of the group, and users who aren't a part of the group can send bulk messages to people inside of it. An example of a usergroup is the moderator usergroup. The moderator usergroup can send bulk messages to each other as a sort of 'mod mail' system. This way they can quickly deliver messages back and forth. Regular users who aren't mods can send a message to every moderator at the same time using bulk messaging. And moderators also have a private forum, where only members of the "moderator" usergroup can view and send messages to.

If usergroup mail or other features are abused by either trolls or the usergroup members themselves, these features will be disabled and the usergroup may be deleted.

Please feel free to ask for clarification of rules or features of the website at any time. A moderator will try to help you within a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay here on RPolitics!

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